Welcome to Yantino Tattoo Ubud

Our clients at “YAN TINO Tattoo ubud, are our utmost priority, therefore our hygiene is ♥second to none. We pride ourselves on giving the client the highest standard of work, with all new equipment and new needles used at all times. Our standards are the same as the Australian standard in the Tattoo Industry. New needles for every customer guaranteed ( brand new needles for each customer) You open new needles packet All requirements clean, safe, sterilized, health dept.licensed (autoclave hospital grade sterilization) Tatto ist always wear new surgical gloves for each customer New inks used for each customer ( original tattoo inks, eternal inks and intenze inks ) Bright colours, free line custom work, free hand, privacy on request Clean, Comfortable, private surroundings Old tattoos covered of renewed More than many design that you can choose from our large selection or bring your own design Friendly service, lowest price guaranteed Full air conditioned studio, full music, full movie, free wifi, free pick-up for every customer


Profile_Yantino-TattooTino is a boy with great creativity , so his tattoo are really unique because of his touch , so you can try to explain him about your tattoo idea and he will do exatly what you want , without you choose from a catalogue and that make a great difference between tattoo maker and arts.

He was a talented painter when was kid, then become a tattoo artist and he is know already in so many countrys of the world.


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